Friday, February 22, 2008

A General Update

It's a little funny that Chris and I are married and it was our first Valentine's Day together; we didn't even know each other last Valentine's Day! We agreed that we didn't want to make Valentine's a big deal, small gifts such as flowers are definitely acceptable but we want it to be a good excuse to do something nice together. Luckily, Chris had a pretty low-key week at work so we got to spend a lot of time together that week.

Secondly, Chris' friend and co-worker, Silvia, got baptized last Sunday and it was great! We guessed she would have a huge turnout because she is so friendly and that was a very true prediction. Even Ben Savage was there (the actor from Boy Meets World)! There's no personal connection, he knows a co-worker of Silvia's so he came along, but it was still fun to see Ben Savage inside an LDS church.
I am STILL trying to find a job in LA. Wednesday I interviewed with an employment agency, Thursday had a 2nd interview with Anthropologie and an interview with another employment agency, and had 2 interviews on Friday for different companies That makes 5 interviews in 3 days, sheesh! I've got my eye on one job in particular but hopefully something pulls through for me, and soon.