Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Friends Come to Visit

We had a really fun weekend with our friends, Liz and Brian, from Texas. We got to show them around LA but really it was a good excuse for Chris and me to see LA. We haven't really gone around the area since we moved here and it was a great weekend with great weather to do so.

They arrived Saturday afternoon so we took them to lunch and then headed off the The Getty Museum. It was a clear day and we could see over the whole city. That night we went out to dinner and Liz accidentally ordered food with squid ink in it which basically made her food look like tar.

Sunday we took them to church and I happened to be speaking that Sunday and I am so glad it's over with. After church we went to the Santa Monica Pier and then to the Chinese Mann Theater where they have the stars, hand prints, and you can see the Hollywood sign. Brian and Liz made us a great dinner and taught us how to play Canasta. It was a really fun weekend and we're glad we got to host Brian and Liz.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sorry, No Pictures

We haven't done anything lately where we took pictures so I apologize for the lack of visual interest. The most exciting news is we have a new niece! Scott and Lacy had their 2nd baby girl on February 27th and named her Peyton Rane. We can't wait to see the new babe and we're trying to figure out a weekend to make that happen.

Secondly, I finally landed a job. I am a full-time receptionist for Deustch Inc. Not the most glamorous job but it's a job and hopefully it works out. The people are nice and the environment is creative so that is a plus.

Also, this weekend we are playing host to Chris' friends Brian and Liz. I have never met them before so I am excited for that and to show them around the LA area. That's pretty much all the news we have to report, next time I'll have pictures.