Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Just a few words about my sweet grandma Rane. She passed away last night but was very ready to go. I am so grateful I got to see her just days ago when I was in Utah.

It's been a rough year for grandparents; Chris lost both his grandpas and now my last grandparent. We miss them all and love them. I have more to say but I will leave it at that.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Utah Trip

Last week I made a quick trip to Utah. The main purpose of the trip was a bridal shower for my friend and old roommate Katie since I'll be in China for the wedding. Luckily, almost all my college friends are still in Utah so I got to see most of them!

Brunch with Wendy.
Wendy I'm glad you think I am so funny but I'm pretty sure the only one.
And I'm so sad you couldn't be there Rachel! Hope you're feeling better.

Breakfast with Cheather.
You are so smiley and I love it!

Lunch with Laurie and Nick.
Thanks for hanging with me and letting me crash at your place!

And here's the lovely soon-to-be bride Katie!
I really wish I could be there for the wedding.

Breakfast with my old co-worker Amanda.
Don't forget you are going to visit me in China!

Here are just a few of the pictures from the bridal shower. I got to help plan the whole thing and I think it turned out great! Thanks to everyone that came and if you want pictures just email me.

PS - I had totally forgotten how much white trash there is in Utah! It's just a bunch of freaks here in LA.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Here is a little belated post about a great Memorial Day weekend.

Saturday morning our friends Nate and Abby Locke hosted a "Goodbye" picnic for us with our ward friends. So fun! The weather was beautiful and it made me wish we had done this more often before now. Thanks to everyone that came! It really was perfect because the Rich's and the Funk's are both moving out of the ward too so it was a good last hoorah.

We'll miss you Jordan, Becca, Derek, Krista, Lindsi, Josh, Nicolle, Chris, Rachel, Rick, LaDon, Jamie, Brian, Ali, Abby, Nate, Ryan, and Courtney!

We'll miss other people too :) those are just the ones pictured.

Thanks to the party planners the Lockes!

Monday we headed to the beach for some long-awaited time in the sun. Thanks Megan for snagging this picture! Although it wasn't ideal beach weather and the water was frigid I will definitely miss my days on the LA beaches.