Wednesday, January 27, 2010


There are a few blogs I read written by women that are insanely creative. They do incredibly artistic and beautiful things just for fun, for others, for their spouses, etc. I am so jealous and it makes me a little sick looking at how incredible they are. That's all.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I Have a Job

I have been unemployed since March of 2009 after being laid off. I did some school and temp jobs but I generally felt unhappy working as a temporary receptionist answering phones that rang about 3 times a day. I kind of gave up on job hunting although I was still using two employment agencies, but I recommitted myself after Christmas to finding a job.

I applied to many jobs on Craigslist and never had any luck until this week. I applied, got a call a couple hours later, interviewed a few hours later, and met with a client the next day.

Ladies and gentlewomen (I don't know if there are any guys that read this) I am now a

That's right, a dog-walker. The money isn't great considering it isn't an all day gig but I am really enjoying it and I would take this over being a receptionist any day.

I can finally put all my hours of watching The Dog Whisperer to use. If you know someone that needs a dog-walker in LA you know who to call.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Marvin Ray Winner

We love you Grandpa Winner and you will be sorely missed.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I Wish I Was Craftier

I really admire people that see an opportunity to be creative on a regular basis. I'm not one of those people so I need to praise myself for making these pillow covers for our newish couch. Black and white are a fairly prominent theme in our place.

The End of '09

Again, I apologize for being lazy about blogging. I just wanted to recap the end of 2009 mainly to keep a record of what we've been doing.

We had a really fun time spending Christmas with my family and celebrating my little sister's wedding! Laurie looked beautiful and the reception was a great success; I have to point out the reception because my sister, Diane, and I planned it.

I didn't actually take pictures during Christmas but I'm trying to bribe my sisters into giving me some of theirs. In the meantime here are some different pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Here is a picture of the happy couple, I just laugh every time I look at this one.

Then we celebrated New Year's with Chris's family in Santa Barbara at his Grandparent's house. We stayed up playing games and trying out Ken's new Wii ad Wii Fit. We continued the celebrations with an early birthday party for Chris. No cake, just some Lemon Meringue (a favorite of his).

As a kid I remember after I opened all my presents I would either call my friends or chat online and compare my spoils. Did anyone else do that or was I just really into receiving gifts?