Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Chicago in February

We had a great time in Chicago! The best part: Chris interviewed at BOOTH. He did his very best and felt that it went well, all we can do now is hope and wait. We would love Chicago to be our home for two years.

Here we are at the Museum of Science and Industry

"The Giant Bean"

Skating in the city!

Cheese and caramel popcorn = a delicious Chicago treat!

Mardee and Spencer you guys are the best! Thanks for letting us invade your apartment and shuttling us to and from the airport. We had a blast with you!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Preparing for Chicago

Last year we were in snowy Utah for Valentine's Day and this year we will be in freezing Chicago. Thanks Mardee and Spencer for allowing us to stay with you and cramp your style on Valentine's Day!

Chris is interviewing for business school with BOOTH on Tuesday! Having interviewed with one other school and not getting in we are trying not to get our hopes up. It is not required that you interview in Chicago but I think Chris is convinced that it will help his case. Since I have never been to Chicago it's hard for me to get really excited about the idea of living there, although I only hear wonderful things about it. Maybe visiting in the middle of winter was the choicest of times but at least I'll get to see what it would be like. Look at those temperatures!

In honor of visiting Chicago, and because we will most likely be living somewhere with an actual winter next year, I bought my first pair of boots! My ideal boot is a black riding style boot but they tend to cost much more than I am willing to spend. I am really happy with these ones though; real leather and $100 is pretty good.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Work-Free Weekend

Chris has had to work the last few Saturdays and he thought he was going to again last weekend, but we were pleasantly surprised by a weekend free of work. We mainly relaxed but decided to visit The Getty to see a Rembrandt exhibition. The Getty is wonderful! Chris especially loves the view. This picture would look much better if it was during the day but when parking is free after 5:30pm and you are trying to be frugal this is what you get.

These last two pictures are from Christmas, I just loaded them on the computer and had a good laugh. My family plays Christmas carols on these chimes and it is always entertaining if not pleasant to the ears.