Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dentist Help

I loath going to the dentist but it's that time and I am asking for some suggestions. Chris and I went to a dentist about 6 months ago but the cleanliness of the office was a little alarming. Does anyone have a dentist in the area they like? PLEASE, let me know!


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mesa Trip

This is late in posting but we had a great time with Scott, Lacy, Talie, and Peyton over Conference weekend. We spent most of the time inside watching Conference but we did manage to take a quick dip in the jacuzzi. I am so bad at taking pictures but here are some that Chris managed to take.

Any family resemblance?

We had fun with cousins while the boys went to Priesthood.

Take a look at these cuties!

Thanks for having us for the weekend, I hope it won't be long before we see you again.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

YES! I Have Been Waiting for This!

Project Runway will be airing this summer! The show has been in limbo because of some legal disputes regarding what station it will air on. This summer it will be showing on Lifetime instead of Bravo. This is probably the best thing that ever happened to Lifetime.

Sigh...A Bit of Bad News

Some people already know but I wanted to let everyone know that last week I lost my job. Sad day. The company I worked for isn't doing well and some people had to be let go and my boss felt like having a personal assistant (me) was a luxury he should do without since other people were losing their jobs. Ethically, I agree with him but it sure stinks for me.

My job was a wonderful blessing for a year and we are grateful for it. I am pretty positive I will never make that much money again but I am on the hunt for a new job.

If anyone knows of someone that needs a personal/executive assistant in the area then let me know...because I am a great one! I would also be a nanny but I don't have any experience other than my calling as the Sunbeam teacher.