Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wow, the music legend has died. I remember listening to the Jackson 5 when I was really young and never stopped loving his music. If I could see any concert ever I would pick Michael Jackson back when he was in his prime.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

How did my favorite dance end up in the bottom? What is wrong with you voters!? How could you not put Phillip and Jeanine in the bottom. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!

SYTYCD Predictions

Week 2:
I am just going to make some predictions about who will be in the bottom tonight.

1. Phillip and Jeanine: Tango.
This was one of the most painfully bad dances I've seen on the show. Mary said she thought Jeanine kept in character but I felt like her "seductive" face was a little scary.

2. Jason & Caitlin: Hip Hop
This was just ok and the judges didn't seem to like it. I hope they don't leave because I absolutely loved their Bollywood number last week.

3. I can't decide on a third because I felt like there were several mediocre dances.

These were my 2 favorites from this week.

Brandon and Janette: Disco
They had so much energy it was incredible! I'm glad Lil C finally admitted that Brandon is good.

Max and Kayla: Pop Jazz
I love this kind of funky character dance and I think they did it very very well. I couldn't get over how terrible Max's outfit was, it made him look so feminine, blah!

I found myself disagreeing with the judges a lot last night. For example, I thought Evan and Randi did the Jive really well but Mary and Nigel didn't seem to think so. Also, I thought Melissa was boring in her Jazz dance with Ade but the judges thought she did great. Whatev, we'll see how people voted tonight!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Babies & Hikes

Saturday morning I went to a baby shower brunch hosted by Erinn for our friend Megan. Everything looked and tasted great! I think one of the best parts about baby showers is seeing all the cute tiny baby clothes, seriously, so tiny!

Then we met up with our friends Ryan, Rachel, and baby Bennett, for some hiking in Malibu. I'm not physically fit but I felt confident that I could handle the hike considering Rachel did with a baby strapped to her. What a trooper. We ended up on the wrong hiking trail but it was really fun and we are excited to do more hiking this summer.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Is It Just Me

Or is Mia Michaels a lot grumpier this season? I feel like she used to be much nicer and pick a couple people as her favorites but this year she doesn't seem to be wowed by anyone.

Regardless of her lack of enthusiasm I am loving the "Broadway Brothers," Evan and Ryan Kasprzak,
but I know they will only accept one of them. They are great dancers and their personalities are a wonderful bonus.

I can't wait for the top 20 to perform next week, yippee!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Date Weekend

Last weekend was delightful. On Friday we planned on seeing Star Trek with our friends, the Dins, but Josh ended up having to work late. Bummer! We couldn't see it on Saturday so we just turned Friday into a date night. We grabbed some dinner and Chris wanted to go into the theater a half hour early to get good seats. I didn't want to sit in the theater that long so I grabbed some much needed things at Sephora. By the time I got in the theater there were still only about 20 people there, haha. Good thing Chris was in there so early. We both really liked it. Ladies, if your husband wants to see this and you don't I would reconsider, and I think you will be pleasantly surprised. I haven't heard a single bad thing about it.

Saturday Chris woke up early to play some tennis with work friends and I met him later to play a quick game. After I spent a few hours on homework we made a trip to the temple and headed straight to Stake Conference. After conference we ordered some pizza and rented Australia for an at-home date night. Australia was just ok, not good enough that I will watch it again but still entertaining.

Sunday we borrowed Heavyweights from the Smiths (thanks guys!) because Chris had never seen this little gem. My best friend Shelly came over too and we again enjoyed dinner and a movie. This weekend was perfect because the next two weekends Chris's brother, Zach, will be here and the following weekend Chris's friend, Adam, will be here. We are excited to see both of them but it was great to have time to ourselves this weekend.