Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Find Your Style

My sister and I have been talking about interior design lately, which has inspired me to pin down my design style a little more. I have been browsing some websites like Elle Decor and House Beautiful to help me in the process. Currently, I think my style falls into the cottage/contemporary fields. These are some of the rooms I either like entirely or like elements of.

Friday, July 18, 2008


Surprise, Comfort is back. I actually heard before the show that Jessica was injured and they brought back Comfort. As much as I don't like Jessica I thought she deserved to be there more than Comfort. And an even bigger surprise is that Comfort didn't get the boot this week! Kherington got the least votes and I am truly sad. Granted, Kherington's two-stop performance was pretty terrible, I just didn't see that coming. Chris and I knew we would be sad no matter what boy left; we love all the boys but we had to say goodbye to Gev. These were my favorites from Wednesday.

Pas de Deux with Katee and Will was really beautiful. Yes, they did mess up in the beginning but it was still a great performance.

Contemporary with Chelsie and Gev choreographed by Sonya. I am really liking Sonya; she is quirky and I did it.

Rumba with Courtney and Joshua. These slow dances aren't always my favorite but they did a wonderful job.

Project Runway Season 5

I have said before how I don't get hooked on many TV shows but with So You Think You Can Dance and Project Runway on I am just thrilled. Project Runway premiered this week and the first challenge was to create an outfit made form items found at the local grocery store. Along with the judges, I was disappointed that so many designers used tablecloths; it's too easy. But there were four looks I think deserve mentioning.

Kenley used a dodge ball and lawn chair.

Korto used a yellow tablecloth and fresh produce.

Daniel used all plastic cups.

THE WINNER: Kelli used vacuum bags, dyed them herself, gold push-pins, and coffee filters.

Design by Kenley-----------------Design by Korto

Design by Daniel--------------------Design by Kelli

No favorites yet but I think it's only a matter of time before Stella is ousted.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Fun Holiday Weekend

What perfect timing! The Fourth of July was on a Friday this year, which means a long holiday weekend, and my birthday was on Sunday, July 6th. My entire family went to my parents house along with my best friend Shelly who is practically considered a Rane. The weather was perfect and I always enjoy time with family. We spent time in the pool, at the beach, watching fireworks, playing games including Wii, and celebrated my brother's birthday, my birthday, and Talie's birthday.

This picture does not adequately show Talie's amazing wet diaper butt.

Grandma with Peyton and Andrew.

Yay, the whole family!