Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July and Birthday

The holiday weekend was tons of fun! Every time the whole family gets together it always ends too soon and I get a little sad that next Fall we will be moving away. I'll just enjoy living close to them while I can.

To start the weekend Chris and I had our "engagement" photos taken by my talented sister and sister-in-law, Diane and Lacy. If you want to look at more pictures by Diane you can find them here. We had some fun and escaped with minor injuries (Lacy got stung by a bee!).

We planned to have my brother-in-law's family over for a 4th of July pool party and BBQ but the morning of we found out that one of the Jones family had the swine flu! So it was just the Ranes swimming and eating way too much food. My BFF Shelly spent the weekend with us too and she found out her twin brother had Swine Flu on the same day! Then I found out that Ron Weasley had Swine flu! I know, crazy.

On Sunday we had a combined birthday party for Scott, me, and Talie (June 30, July 6, July 12). Thanks for making my favorite cake Dad and for the waffle iron mom! I've been itching for a waffle iron since Chris and I got married.

We played games, swam, ate, and had a great time all weekend. The boys played golf on Friday and Chris managed to hit someone with his golf ball and nearly hit a ball into someone's house through an open window. It was a very eventful round of golf.

On my actual birthday, Chris managed to get off work early enough to take me to a delicious dinner and spend the evening with me. My birthday present this year was me getting to shop, shop, shop and then Chris got to decide what I kept. I made out like a theif in the shoe department and also got nice pair of jeans and a shirt.