Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Major Bump in the Road

Things have not gone according to plan. In my opinion, we have just experienced our first life-plan-glitch. We didn't get into Chicago for Business School (or any other school). When we found out I spent most of the morning crying and Chris spent the day frustrated and mad.

I KNOW something will work out for us and I KNOW Heavenly Father knows what is best. As much as being in limbo stinks what stinks even more is seeing your husband work 60-80 hour weeks and still manage to work incredibly hard to submit stellar applications for B-school only to get denied...and now I am getting misty again. That is definitely what is hardest for me.

We are considering several other options, and we'll see what happens. I sincerely appreciate you friends and family for the well wishes and the good thoughts sent our way.

To Chris (who hardly ever reads this blog), you are a rock star! Everyday, not some days but everyday, I am inspired and grateful for your hard work. Something wonderful will happen for us and I will always be next to you, working hard to make that happen. I love you.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Weekend 3.19.2010 and Emergency Preparedness

My parents came up from San Diego on Saturday to spend the day with us, YAY! We walked on the boardwalk, hung out, and ate at Cafe 50's. We'd never eaten there before and I don't know if we will again but it was fun to try once. The food is just mediocre but the atmosphere is fun. We had a great time mom and dad, we'll see you over Conference weekend!

Something else I wanted to mention was emergency preparedness. About a week and a half ago I felt prompted to get a 72-hour kit in order for Chris and me. I wrote a note on the white board to remind myself but didn't do anything else about it. This Sunday the topic for Sacrament meeting was Emergency Preparedness and I immediately remembered that prompting. I decided I had better heed this prompting instead of letting that note just sit on the white board.

For FHE on Monday Chris and I spent some time researching different kits and whether to prepare one ourselves or buy a ready-made one. We opted for ready-made and found a great 2-person kit on sale. We haven't received it in the mail yet but my mind is already at ease knowing I have done something to prepare.

You should too, that's all.

Weekend Fun 3.12.2010

I know I am late in posting this but we had a fun-filled weekend a bit ago and I wanted to share. The Lymans invited us to the newly opened Cafe Rio for a tasty meal. You could tell the majority of people in there were LDS but if you want proof then you should know that we saw the Richs and Lockes from our ward, the Lymans saw friends there, and Andrew saw friends there! We had a great time.

We had some Pantages gift certificates that we wanted to use so we went and saw CATS on Saturday. It was not good. There is no plot, it is just a compilation of songs about cats. I thought maybe some cool dancing would be a redeeming factor but there wasn't even that. Oh well, it was still really fun to have a night out with Chris.

We also had a fun Sunday night with the MacDonalds! Thanks for inviting us over for dinner and to make fun of the worst movie ever: Plan 9 From Outer Space. Seriously, the worst movie, we have laughed about that movie several times since then.

PS - Note in the above picture how my arm is around Chris. I tend to do this in a lot of pictures and it always looks bad! I need to stop that immediately.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Help

I read this book a few months back and LOVED it. I am not a tough critic but this book was really great. Especially for those readers who are looking for a very PG book, I would highly recommend this.

Well, they are making this into a movie! I have mixed emotions but I am mainly excited. Movies are never as good as the book but I am optimistic about it.

Read it, it's good!