Tuesday, August 25, 2009


We got to spend some time in Washington with Chris's family and we had loads of fun. The main event was camping in Fort Spokane. I think most people know that I am not fond of camping but I still had fun and it was just nice to spend the week with family. Here are some things we did and things we saw

When the sun was out it was really hot but once the clouds came I had to get bundled up! Luckily the water was pretty warm so I actually got in.

Fishing, I did not take part in this.

Playing Mexican Train at night. I don't know what Joshua is doing.

We're just hanging out in our tent waiting for the rain to pass. There was some incredible thunder, I loved it!

And when we weren't camping we were finding Banana Slugs, going to the Ballard Locks, going to tide-pools, and checking out the lucky pig at Pike's market.

We had a really great time and we miss all you Lanshes and Bredensteiners already!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hairs Cut

I had the most wonderful hair-stylist when I lived in Utah. Since living in LA I haven't found anyone that I love quite as much, or if I like them they are too expensive for me. My bangs are covering my eyes and I am in desperate need of a haircut!

Does anyone have someone they love in the LA area? How much do they charge for just a cut?