Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Encounter With a U-Haul

Last Saturday we had a fun day of moving! We rented a U-haul to move the couches, mattress, and some wedding presents up to our apartment... notice how very full the U-haul is haha. Because it was much less expensive to do a one-way trip with towed my car up to LA so we could drive it back to San Diego.

Both of us are novice U-haul drivers so the long drive wasn't a very calm one. Fortunately, our stuff, Chris, and I made it successfully and we were able to move everything into the apartment and return the truck as they were closing.

Despite having no electricity in the apartment and therefore no light the moving experience was as pleasant as could be expected. This marriage thing is becoming more real now that we've moved some of our belongings into our apartment. Yippee only 10 more days!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Bridal Showers = Fun Fun Fun

I was lucky enough to have two bridal showers. Saturday Nov. 3rd I had one in Utah since the majority of my friends are in school up there and I had another great bridal shower Wednesday Nov. 7 with all the lovely ladies around and in Encinitas. I'm waiting on some pictures from the Utah bridal shower but here is one with Jenn and Heather.

I feel it is a general assumption that one will be poor when first married and Chris and I are certainly not excluded from that generalization. We are so grateful for any help or gifts we get from friends and we have definitely been spoiled after two bridal showers!