Friday, August 29, 2008

Fall Shoes

Fall is approaching which means my sandals will be hibernating and I need to bring out some more appropriate shoes. I love shoes but I hate buying them; in other words, I love looking at shoes on other people but I hate trying to find some for myself. In the past I have pretty much only worn the traditional Converse sneaker. This year I am opting for a more feminine look while sticking to the brand I love. Here are some options I am considering for this season.

More PR

Designed by Leanne Designed by Keith
Winning Losing

This week's challenge was to create an outfit out of recycled car parts. I like these challenges because it shows how innovative people really are and they always come up with some fun stuff. Thankfully, Keith got the boot this week. Man, that guy was buggin'. He thought he was the
victim whenever the judges had some criticism; I'd like to see him make it in the industry with that kind of attitude!

Speaking of attitude, the Kenley girl is not-so-nice. She claims to have been really good friends with Daniel but 2 weeks ago, when everyone was on the runway she totally laughed out loud when he said he had classic taste. And almost every week she says, "I'm really concerned with (insert name)" and follows up with a comment about how their outfit stinks. She is so passive-aggressive but I bet she'll be around for a while.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Where on Earth is Christopher Michael?

If anyone has seen him can you tell him I miss him and he needs to come home before 10:00pm once in a while? I have been husbandless this week and I don't like it one bit! Chris hasn't come home before 12:00am a single time this week, the latest night being around 3:00am. I complain because I get lonely but poor Chris is trying to function on just a few hours of sleep everyday. I hope he knows how much I appreciate his hard work. I love him and miss him very much!


I will admit that this episode of Project Runway had me squirming in my seat a few times because I felt awkward but watching these ladies walk down the runway made me laugh pretty hard. This episode was all about designing an outfit for drag queens and it was a very interesting challenge. Here are the best and the worst of this week's challenge.

The winning design by Joe

Designed by Korto

Designed by Terri

The losing design by Daniel

Here is a clip of all the ladies hitting the runway. Some of them have so much personality that I couldn't help but laugh. You can skip the first third of this clip to get to the good stuff.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Santa Barbara

We had a fun weekend up in Santa Barbara visiting Chris's grandparents and mom. Saturday afternoon we walked around the harbor and wharf during the Fiesta celebration and had lunch with Chris's uncle and another family friend. When we walked onto to pier we got to see these friendly sea lions. Chris and I considered getting one as a pet; they just look so friendly!

Sunday afternoon we took a walk to the pond near Chris's grandparent's house and ran into these feathered friends. We've been here before so we came prepared with bread crumbs. The geese had no problem coming right up to us and opening their mouths just waiting for a handout, but I tried to favor the duckies since the geese looked like they had their fair share of food.