Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Brief Update

I apologize for not having pictures, I rarely read blogs that don't include pictures so if you won't read this, it's cool. Apparently I am similar to a six year old in my need to read things with pictures included.

I am averaging one blog post per month so this may just be it for September. I just wanted to write a few things we have done recently since they will inevitably be forgotten by me and my terrible memory.

The main thing that has changed for me is that I started hair school, or cosmetology to be exact. I have wanted to do this for a couple years but we haven't lived in the same place long enough for me to start. It is about a ten-month program if I go full time and since we are here for a year it works out great. I have a picture of me on my first day of school on my phone but since I don't have internet on my phone I don't know how to get it onto the computer. That will have to be a task for another day. School is from 8-4:30 Tuesday through Saturday and it has been quite the change since I spent the last 2 years basically just hanging out while Chris brought home the bacon. I have really enjoyed it so far.

We were able to spend some time with some of Chris's family up in Santa Barbara. The agenda was jammed packed with activities like going to the beach, the zoo, visiting Lanshe friends from Santa Maria, a beach BBQ, games, and Fiesta. It never seems like we have enough time with Chris's side. You Lanshes should just relocate to one place, preferably in the states, so we can get more face time with everyone.

We started attending the Olivenhain Ward, the ward I grew up in. Which is great and weird at the same time. Great in that I know quite a few people already, but weird that I am now interacting with these people as a married adult instead of as an angsty teenager. I wish i could say that people remember me as a happy and friendly child and teenager, unfortunately I was in a pretty grumpy mood for my four years of high school. When I was growing up in this ward I can't ever remember there being young married couples, however, there are now several couples close to our ages and we have already made friends with a few.

Ummmmm, if I think of anything else I will edit this post but that is all I can think of right now.


Andrea Coles said...

Congrats on hair school! I'm sure it's weird to be so busy again, but you'll be great.

I second the notion of it being weird to be in your home ward again - Spence and I did that last year. It was definitely an experience, but I felt pretty comfortable after a few months. It just took a bit for people to register me as an adult (although having kids did help a little). But really it's just like being in a new place and meeting new people since your circumstances are so different from when you were young and unattached.

Anyway, I'm so glad you guys are staying in SD for this year - I'm currently trying to convince Spencer that we need to spend our Xmas/New Years vacation week in SoCal so we can visit friends and take Jameson to some fun places like the SD zoo and maybe Legoland or something. Hopefully you're in town.... ?

shauntel said...

That's cool that you're going to cosmetology school. My niece graduated from it last year and I have several friends who went too. A few of them have mini salons in their houses.

Erinn said...

I'm so glad you started hair school! You've been talking about it forever! Congrats!

Stopher and Nicolle said...

awesome about the hair school. um, i need a cut. care to come to LA anytime soon? haha. miss you tons! our ward is so so so different. i feel for you on the home ward, though. that's tough! miss your face. let's get together at some point??? since you're on the same coast for awhile...

jessica said...

so i'm creepy and found your blog. i added it to mine so i can keep track of you when you move to chicago! emai me and i'll send you an invite to ours (jessibeaumont@gmail.com)

jessi (toolson) beaumont

ps how about a san marcos lunch date sometime?